Kuta Weavers of Macuata, The Beautiful Mats of the resilient weavers.

The Kuta Weavers of Macuata are skilled in their craft. They have learnt  from generations before them the art of weaving the kuta and its intricacies. We have procured from the women in the villages in Sasa, Seaqaqa, Dereketi, Korotubu, Nubu, Namoli, Nabouono and many more that will become a source. Because they now have an outlet for their mats they are able to better provide for their families and communities.

The kuta mat is distinct to the Macuata province and a few other provinces in Fiji. These beautiful Kuta mats are hand woven with intricate traditional designs and patterns that each designs have a meaning to its cultural setting . These fine mats are made from water reeds, where traditional ancestral process methods are still practiced in weaving these mats. Portions of it are soaked in mud to blacken for the unique art design. Because of the distinct kuta woven styles and patterns, they are widely sought after by other Pacific islanders for use in weddings, special occasions and ceremonies. The Kuta mats can also be used as natural earth tone decorative wall piece. On certain occasions, people from the Macuata Province would dress in kuta to signify their identity.
Kuta mats are normally placed at the top of the spread of mats, called the vakalumu or to soften the vivivi (a spread of mats inclusive of 3 or more re mats). The vivivi is normally prepared for a special occasions.
For those who know, the kuta mat is generally held in high regard. 

The Coastal Basket directly supports these weavers and works with them to improve their standard of living.

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