Our Story

Bula Si'a and welcome to The Coastal Basket,

From the base of the mountains of the remote Northern Peninsula is Vanua Levu, Fiji. Raised by the light of kerosene lamps, we were born into a hardworking family whose parents instilled integrity and valuable life skills. 

 From a young age we farmed the coastal lands, fished the sea, and cultivated the sugarcane fields to sustain our livelihoods, at the same time learning the skills and traditions of our people. Trekking over rocks at low tide to the neighboring village for school, living off pittance earnings of our copra planter father, and fishing the sea for daily sustenance; we grew up experiencing the everyday hardships many of our people back home still face.

 This yearning to help our fellow islanders stemmed from our communal cultures, close upbringing, and traditional ways of life. Coupled with the new markets in our adopted homeland, the resources available help create a market for products of the many skilled crafters and artisans in remote villages around Fiji and the South Pacific.